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Working With People Who Want to Make Better Products at Lower Cost


Our Purpose


Our purpose is to enable your organization to make better products at lower cost.


When it comes to making better products, improving margin, at a faster rate and ever improving productivity; making better decisions is the name of the game. Key barriers to improvement are complexity, uncertainty, limited budgets, limited knowledge and skill deficiencies.


We build individual, team and organizational capability by teaching proven techniques that simplify and reduce uncertainty while reducing rework and redundancy.


We will enable your business to develop and produce products that are improved in one or more of these areas; better than you could have previously.


  • Better product performance

  • Lower development or manufacturing cost

  • Faster development and implementation

  • Increased production


Improvements of up to 10% are reasonable for clients who have not previously utilized SY64 techniques.

Contact Us

P: 1.513.780.0517


P.O. Box 17141

Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017


Where We Can Help


Our analytics expertise is in Research and Development and Manufacturing organizations. In particular, we excel in experimental design, analysis, prediction, empirical models, optimal solutions, exploration and visualization. We also excel in quality improvement and control, cost reduction, historical data analysis, troubleshooting and maintaining optimal production. We use an engineering and scientific discovery mindset combined with powerful statistical methods.

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