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SY64 offers a variety of services tailored to meet the need of each customer. Services include classroom training of key statistical methods, workshops to help teams get a jump start on projects, one to one mentoring of individuals to greatly enhance their capability while executing projects and expert application where we can provide our experience and expertise directly on your project.


We use proven training techniques to instill analytical skills into organizations. We can train in house trainers as well as practitioners the skills necessary to find solutions for problems ranging from simple to complex. We utilize JMP software from SAS as our key software platform. Our training can be customized to meet the organizational needs, problem situations and practitioner skill level.


  • Introduction to Designed Experiments and Model Building

  • Introduction to Discovery and Optimization for Models

  • Advanced Experimental Design

  • Experimental Design and Meta-Modeling for Computer Simulations

  • Statistical Process Control for Improvement



We provide hands on coaching for project teams working on a problem or project. The workshop can guide a trained team through a problem or the workshop focus on combined training / problem application for the project team.



We provide 1:1 coaching and training for individuals by guiding the client through their project. As the individual gains skill and knowledge they become enabled to tackle similar problems on their own.



We can provide direct analytical support for your problem. We can work directly with your scientists and engineers to solve your most difficult questions.

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